About Us

The Best Lawn Care, Lawn Mowing & Turf Fertilization

What should you know about us? Since 2002, GLC Property Care has been keeping our clients happy. Providing lawn mowing, lawn care, lawn fertilizing, garden care, maintenance, property clean up, snow removal and more. We are a local, family owned & operated company, not a large volume franchise operation that over promises and under delivers. You benefit because we can provide you with personalized, quality service at affordable prices.

Our Friendly Service Team

Your property will be cared for by our service team. Our service team is clean, composed, background and criminal checked as well as always wearing a uniform. Since we are a small local company, we get to know you.  We know what you like, what you don’t like. This is one of the many things about us that our customers consistently tell us they love! Our service team will communicate politely & professionally with you.

Our team is smoke and drug-free, we have clean haircuts, and are always in uniform, so you can feel comfortable while we are on your property. We are always willing to chat with you to answer your questions or solve a problem for you.  We continually attend training programs, seminars and information updates on turf and plant health care, safety procedures and customer service. This means you get well trained, knowledgeable gentlemen caring for your property every time.

We Have Satisfied Customers

What makes our customers keep comming back ? When we make a promise, we keep it. You will get your estimates in 24 hours or less. We are always upfront, honest, and we solve your lawn and landscape problems. We provide you a hassle-free experience and do what we say we will do. It’s that simple.

Lawn Mowing & Property Care

We manage a wide variety of property's in Midhurst Ontario. Providing high quality lawn care lawn mowing gardening and snow removal. All jobs are done 100% and left clean, now worry's you come home to a beautiful property.

We Care For Your Property in an Environmentally Responsible Way!

When we make a promise to you, we keep it. At GLC Property Care, making a promise means we do everything in our control to keep that promise. By caring for your lawn in an environmentally friendly manner, we promise to improve the overall health of your lawn and landscape, and help reduce pesticide use. The chemical-based lawn care companies have told you that you need to apply harmful pesticides to keep your lawn and plants healthy. We have developed a system to safely improve and maintain your property. All of our programs utilize integrated pest management (IPM) techniques, which are cultural practices designed to significantly reduce control material used on your property. You will benefit from healthier plants that promote a built in natural defense against weeds, disease and pest

Our Guarantee

I personally guarantee you will be absolutely thrilled with the quality of our lawn care service and the professionalism of my well-trained team. Every service comes with my personal iron-clad, risk-free guarantee. What does this mean? Simply this… if you aren't happy with our work, I will do whatever it takes to make it right…. Nothing is more important to me than your complete and total satisfaction.” 

Our Service Area

We serve Midhurst Ontario  and surrounding areas