Snow Removal Services

Snow removal for Midhurst Ontario

During the harsh Winter months in Midhurst it is important to have a reliable Maintenance company on your side. A company that ensures employees, customers and by-passers safe access to your home. Keeping your driveway accessible to the public, clear from snow and ice accumulation during Snow storms.

Service Highlights

Price Guide for Snow Removal

This a guidline to the prices we charge to remove snow in Barrie Ontario.

  • One Time Snow Removal
  • $ 40 / per

  • Call Anytime
  • Most Driveways
  • No Contracts
  • We are generally able to get there within an hour of a call
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  • Pay Per Blow
  • $ 25 / per

  • Pay per blow Contract
  • Most Driveways
  • Services every snowfall
  • Cancel Anytime
  • Pay per snow removal contracts are maintained with regualar contracts.
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  • All Season Contracts
  • $ 400.00

  • From First snow till Last
  • Early Mornings
  • Most Driveways
  • Every Snow Fall
  • After Plow Services
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Our Service Area

We serve Midhurst Ontario and surrounding areas